joys of summer in the desert

living here in the desert, we can expect high temperatures around 100F (37c) most days from mid may to september. this year june was a glorious exception and i found myself shivering in the chill on several evenings since i just don’t expect to be cold in the summer here. ever.
now that it’s july, summer has come in earnest and a lot of people have skipped town. the folks who are left mostly fall into two categories; those who don’t want to be here and those who do. the people who don’t want to be here complain about the heat, and scuttle around from air conditioned car to air conditioned house to air conditioned work place.
the people who want to be here understand the beauty and simplicity of a lazy summer in the quiet desert. they have mastered the art of the siesta and come out at night to play music and drink beer. they don’t move too much or too fast during the hottest part of the day. instead they close the curtains and sit under the swamp cooler with a good book and some chilled watermelon cubes. early mornings are good for watching wildlife and exercising, afternoons are good for naps, movies, and meditating. evenings are good for grilling, sitting outside, and sipping margaritas.
when i first moved here, i have to admit i was more in the first camp. i remember before we had our swamp cooler hooked up i had a particularity rough afternoon and i cried to damian, “i just need a dark, cold, wet cave! you can just leave me there and i’ll lay there and it will be dark and cool…” the heat can go to your head, but now that i’ve learned how to stay hydrated (i put lemon, Himalayan salt and trace minerals in my water) and i’ve learned not to try to accomplish much in the middle of the day, i think i’m making my way into the second camp.
recently we went on a sunset picnic to the national park with ely, christina, ben and rebecca. the park was almost deserted and the air was so nice as we watched the stars come out. i thought, ‘this is what to do in the summer! there’s no reason not to have a picnic every night and watch the shooting stars and satellites.’
here’s a few photo’s i took last night.


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