lizards from space

speaking of lizards, damian’s dad is super great. wait, that came out wrong. i’ve been working on this post for a while, and can’t seem to find the right words. i want to share with you what i appreciate about my father-in-law, but he’s a unique fellow and it’s proving difficult to describe him without just sounding sappy (he’s the kind of guy all your friends wish their dad was like. he will rescue you from any sort of a jam you could possibly find yourself in.) or braggy (he was a rock star in the 80’s, he can fix anything, he supported a family of 7 on his musician’s income…) or just make him sound weird (see below).

so i’m going to let his work and his son’s words and actions speak for themselves.

steve says he wrote this song 20 years ago after he attended a lecture about the lizards from space who are taking over the world. he thought it was a joke at the time but he says, “now, of course, we know it’s true.”

nathen wrote this sweet post about steve on his blog.

ben, a man of few words, posted this gem on facebook, saying, “my dad is badass. This is a song of his from the 70’s(?) By the band Wheels. Couldn’t ask for a better father or family… Enjoy” (steve is the one in the grey vest)

and finally, here’s steve’s own blog

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