edible trees

did you know that the palo verde tree is not only drought tolerant, beautiful, native to our area, and nitrogen fixing (it has little nodules of microorganisms at it’s roots that make nitrogen available to other plants. nitrogen fertilizes plants), but also edible?! what a great tree! the fresh legume (it’s a legume!) has a very sweet, crisp, juicy, pea-like flavor and is ripe in our yard now. the green peas can be eaten raw or cooked. once they mature and dry you can sprout them and eat the sprouts or grind them into flour. if you want to harvest seeds to sprout, make sure the seed isn’t too old, because it won’t work. we haven’t tried making flour yet but we did sprout some a few months ago and ones that sprouted were great. this year we’ll harvest and store them in glass for later sprouting.
i’ll keep you posted on the flour.
desert harvesters has more detailed processing instructions http://www.desertharvesters.org/native-plant-food-guides-the-desert-can-feed-you/palo-verde/


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