Rubber ducky rant



Oliver has a collection of rubber duckies that have come from various sources; from left to right we have Quackenbush (an army themed duck inherited from Robert Spocker), Haida Duck (a first nations themed duck from Alicia on Haida Gwai), baby ducky (Santa brought this per request in 2013), DinoDuck (dinosaur themed duck given as a prize for checking out books at the library), and ninja duck (also from Robert).
So I guess themed rubber duckies are a thing. That’s fine, I guess, but here’s the problem; not one of these ducks can float in a duck-like way (see top photo). Not even classic non-themed baby ducky! What the hell? I just really don’t understand. I had a rubber duck when I was a kid and I’m pretty sure it floated. I’m pretty sure that was the point. So all these toys are being made and nobody bothers to see if they actually function before manufacturing? Perhaps they are just for decoration. pretend toys. It’s very meta. It’s not just duckies either. Ollie has received cars that won’t roll, crayons that don’t draw, bubbles that don’t sphere. I guess it’s the idea of a toy that sells, and whether or not the toy does what you would expect is secondary.


2 thoughts on “Rubber ducky rant

  1. I feel you. Today I needed a dust mask and the ones I had purchased for such a time didn’t come close to conforming to my face and the elastic broke immediately, right after the metal piece flew off. It literally fell apart right in front of my face. Brooms fall apart, utensils fail, pens dry up, pencils don’t write, software doesn’t really work the way it’s suppose to and on and on. Yes I have noticed that many things don’t work as they are supposed to anymore. That is because they are cheap copies of the real thing. It’s all appearances, profit, and exploitation.

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